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Writer Dick Hebdige said of Soho "It was as if the whole submerged criminal underworld had surfaced, in 1965, in the middle of London, and had brought with it its own submarine world or popular fiction, sex and volence fantasy. As it acquired power it explored the possibility of realising those fantasies - the results were often bizzare and frequently terrifying".   Soho is just one square mile but it packs a punch.  It is fundementally neoteric and has remained at the cutting edge for centuries. It has also had the lion's share of Great Britain's noteriety particularly through the1950s and 60s.


This work is part of my current research into Soho - its social fabric, history and subcutures - through the eyes of the many diverse photographers, who have worked both on its streets and behind the scenes since1890 to the present day.  



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'Prostitutes' (catalogue title) Soho, London (Mirrorpix).

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Infamous stabbing in a Soho greengrocers

invoving Jack the "Spot" and Albert Dimes.  

(Mirrorpix Archive).