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Two themes in particular have emerged when writing on photography -  the growing influence photography has on contemporary art & culture and the capacity for photographic documentation to shed light on history - how can potography, in the service of history, be more objective and thorough?  How do we detect and address selectivity and bias?


My writing has appeared in: British Journal of Photography; National Portrait Gallery (London); HackelBury Fine Art (London); Howard Greenberg (New York); Kehrer (Heidelberg) and PDN Magazine (New York).  Subjects have included: Photography and the Weimar Republic; the so-called 'Arab Spring'; Surveillance Culture; Birth of the USSR;  The Buinsess of Art; Segregation in US Southern States  - through to revisionist appraisals of exponents within the photography canon.


Research supporting this writing includes interviews with: Bill Brandt; Rineke Dijkstra; Wolfgang Tillmans; Peter Lindbergh; David Bailey; William Klein; Rankin; Cristina García Rodero and Helmut Newton.  


In 2013 I contributed to Jason Larkin's book 'Tales from the City of Gold' photographs of Johannesburg's mining legacy and in 2012 advised on Taschen's: London: Portrait of a City (Published 2012).  I am currently researching and developing an exhibition and a book on London's Soho (Autumn 2019) and writing a Photo book for Taschen, New York (2018).


Recent interests include researching into The Special Operations Executive (SOE) - 1940 to 1946 - a fascinating period in British Inteligence history and guerilla warfare.  A time when modern technological espinoage emerged and inspired the novelist Ian Fleming,  (SOE link below).


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Soho, London: The Waiter's  Race, mirrorpix  archives.

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